The Mom and Pop Convenient Store

Snap 2 Ship, Etc., has been serving Jacksonville, Florida, for over 30 years. We are a mom and pop business, run locally by Ray Williams & Greg Stephan. Our team is friendly and courteous. We pay attention to your requirements and work on them with dedication.


Our Belief

We prefer being a small and comfortable store that offers a wide range of services that others may not provide. We do not believe in running a large commercial chain with massive benefits and inadequate facilities.

Snap 2 Ship, Etc.

Why Choose Us

Snap 2 Ship, Etc. provides multiple beneficial services that other companies do not offer. Everything you need to get business done fast is at your fingertips with our help. We are experts at mailing and shipping supplies. Our specialized shredding services are well-known because you can conveniently dispose of your confidential documents without letting them fall into the wrong hands.